consulting in Semantic Technologies & Big Data
Looking for a custom solution? Let's build together.

Always looking forward to help our customers we provide custom service consultacy. Don't hesitate to call us if you think we have the knowledge to help but we miss the commercial off-the-shelf product. We can build together and to support this compromise we rely in strong partnerships.

Our services

  • Big Data Analytics & Streaming Computing

    Big Data is a set of new paradigms of storage and processing which aims to cope with data volumes at Web scale. And we also can help you tap into the real-time issues. We provide the following specialized consulting services:

    • Deployment of NoSQL databases (i.e, MongoDB, Cassandra, Virtuoso);
    • Large-scale and real-time data processing (i.e, Lambda Architecture): Hadoop, Spark;
    • Complex Event Processing (CEP);
    • Knowledge discovery and Visualization;
    • Applied Machine Learning Algorithms (i.e, Technology Assisted Review).
  • Information Retrieval Consulting

    We help our customers to implement solutions based on traditional bag of words and exceed using the state of the art solutions to search by meaning using proven technologies.

    • Industry standard search engines like Solr & Elastic Search;
    • Latent Semantic Aanalysis (LSA);
    • Deep Learning algorithms (Word2Vec);
    • Customized Content Management Solutions.
  • Semantic Web Technologies Consulting

    • Domain modeling for Linked Data Scenarios;
    • Handling of unstructured data extracting Entities and Relations;
    • Joining structured and unstructured data;
    • Exposition of triplified data (i.e, RDF representation);
    • Reasoning and Querying over graph databases through SPARQL language.
  • Social Media Consulting

    • On Demand Sentiment Analysis;
    • Quantitative analysis of social media profiles;
    • Custom social networks.
  • Training

    Amtera’s educational consulting service focuses on developing customized training programs that expand your employee’s technical expertise.

    • Linked data and Semantic Web;
    • Search technologies: Apache Solr & Elastic Search;
    • Agile Python based Web Frameworks;
    • NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Cassandra;
    • Machine Learning;
    • Distributional Semantics: LSA, ESA;
    • Amazon Web Service Infrastructure and Cloud Computing;
    • OSGi Technology Stack.

What make us special

Technology is in our hearts

  • Multidisciplinary Experience

    Our team has large experience in many disciplines within IT industry, like Insurance, Oil and Gas, Security and Communications just to name a few.

  • Industry Standards

    We are always looking forward with the industry standards and new paradigms to build new products and services. Our team has great expertise in successfully applying and adapting existing Open Source Software. This can cut costs and speed up deliveries while letting customers unlocked.

  • Looking into the future

    Adopting Industry Standards does not keep us from trying new approaches and technologies. We pay close attention to what Academia has to say. We can't bring bleeding edge solutions to our customers without partnership from inside the universities.